EVs & Hybrids in a New Mobility Future

Tue. September 11| 2:20 PM - 2:40 PM | Opal/Garnet Ballroom

A new generation of companies are changing the way consumers view their mobility needs. Following the success of Uber, Lyft and others, OEMs have adopted this mobility-as-a-service ethos. These new approaches are particularly well suited for electric vehicles. However, this shifted paradigm will have implications on sectors as diverse as urban design and municipal zoning, consumer finance and retail. This session will seek to layout potential scenarios and how different players can capitalize on this industry restructuring.

Level: All

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Focus: EV Regulations & Timeline Rollout

Information Hub: Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technologies


Don Tappan

Don Tappan

Vice President

Braemar Energy Ventures

Role: Speaker