Fluorinated Materials to Help Improve Performance in Lithium-ion Batteries

Wed. September 12| 2:18 PM - 2:36 PM | Crystal Ballroom

Lithium ion batteries are ubiquitous in our everyday life. There is a constant demand for batteries with higher energy density that are lighter, safer and last longer. One of the challenges as we go to voltages above 4.2V towards 5V, is the stability of the electrolyte solvent. Commonly used electrolyte solvents tend to break down at these voltages over time leading to poor performance. A solution is well designed fluorinated materials with increased anodic stability that will not breakdown in this voltage range. Another advantage of fluorinated materials is their reduced flammability compared to their non-fluorinated counterparts leading to improvements in safety. This presentation will showcase some of the gains made in electrolytes using fluorinated materials developed at Halocarbon Products.

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Focus: Lithium-ion Advances: New Materials, Cell Chemistries, Processing & Measurement Methods

Information Hub: Advanced Battery Technologies


Neville Pavri

Neville Pavri

Research Chemist

Halocarbon Products Corp

Role: Speaker