Chelsea Sexton

Chelsea Sexton

Electric Vehicle Advocate & Advisor

Since becoming a Saturn car salesperson at age 17 to pay for university, then joining the General Motors EV1 electric vehicle program in the 1990s, Chelsea Sexton has amassed unparalleled expertise in advanced transportation and related technology deployment, including product development, go-to-market strategy, stakeholder engagement, retail processes, public policy, infrastructure, marketing, and communications.

Chelsea led the initial creation of the Automotive X PRIZE, which awarded $10 million to winning teams and inspired similar prize efforts to catalyze innovative transportation and smart city solutions.

As a Senior Advisor to VantagePoint Capital Partners’ cleantech practice, she helped guide the firm’s transportation-related investment priorities, most notably an early stake in Tesla Motors.

Chelsea’s diverse adventures have also involved advising companies, NGOs, and government agencies around the world, including: Audi, Nissan, Tesla, Chevrolet, Electrify America, Google, Best Buy, Edison Electric Institute, Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, California Energy Commission, and many others. She also co-founded Plug In America, the largest consumer-oriented electric drive advocacy group in the US, and remained its Executive Director for several years.

Chelsea is featured in various books, TV shows, and films, including Sony Pictures Classic’s Who Killed the Electric Car? and National  Geographic’s Years of Living Dangerously. She is quoted frequently in a variety of media outlets, occasionally writes for one of them  when a topic gets under her skin, and her candor makes her a more popular public speaker than her organic shyness would prefer.